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Why Are You Grateful Today?

Welcome back to Mind Matters! I hope you are enjoying my posts and you have a positive take away from my content. We all have at least one thing to be grateful for and that’s waking up each day for a fresh start. Every new day brings a new opportunity to make a change, take action, and make a difference in your own, or someone else’s life. I follow a practice that asks me to acknowledge three things I am grateful for everyday. It sets the attitude for my day when I do it in the mornings and if I do it again at night before bed, I realize I have so many more things to be grateful for on that day. The more gratitude you observe in your daily life, the more appreciation you have and the less you have to complain about.

This is an example of law of attraction. Your thoughts become: beliefs, actions, words, and eventually manifest into your life. Always be aware of your thoughts and ask yourself if you’re trying to manifest that into your life. If they do not suit what you want your life to look like in the future, let them go. They do not serve you. This includes negative inner dialogue about yourself, your current reality, or what you expect to happen. Saying words like always can be a strong way to manifest things, but be careful how you use them. If you are stuck in traffic and late to work and think,” this always happens to me on my way to work,” guess what will happen? Try thinking repeatedly that you always arrive to work ten minutes early everyday and you’ll notice your daily routine will begin to change. This is an example of NLP ( neurolinguistic programming). If you are one of those people who are pessimistic and can find a million things to complain about, you will continue to find things to complain about because you speak them into your life routinely. If you believe your life is blessed and everyday you have so much to be grateful for, the universe will provide a steady flow of abundance of things for you to feel blessed and grateful about.

If you are someone who finds yourself stuck in repeating patterns and feel like you cannot progress, evolve or move out of that stuck place, RTT(Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a hypnotherapy method created by a prestigious psychologist in the UK by the name of Marisa Peer. Her technique and proprietary method of rapid, transformative results in her clients has taken the world by storm. While most people were developing anxiety, depression, or PTSD during COVID-19, I was taking Marisa’s course to become certified in her amazing method so that I could offer you the knowledge and tools to help you change your life for the better, let go of old patterns, and help you begin to create the life you desire. Mind Matters and Healing Spirit Hypnotherapy care about your mental health and wellness. You are so capable of making a life filled with joy and purpose. Sometimes we just need a little guidance. You can reach out anytime with questions about our optimal wellness services and to book an appointment at


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